Food & Beverages


Served from 11 to 5 daily


Chips and Salsa: Mild tomato salsa served with warm deep fried tortillas... $ 5.99

Onion Rings: Beer battered, sweet onion rings, and fried golden, served with choice of dipping sauce... $5.99

Fried Pickles: Kosher dill pickle chips fried golden, served with Sweet Buffalo sauce or ranch dressing... $6.49

Quesadillas: Grilled cheese quesadillas, served with sour cream and salsa... $6.49

Add grilled chicken $3.99
Add bacon and BBQ $1.49

Chili Cheese Fries: Salt & Pepper Fries topped with our signature chili, shredded Cheese, and a side of sour cream... $6.49

Hot Wings: Eight deep fried chicken wings, served “naked”, or tossed in Frank’s hot sauce, served with celery and Bleu Cheese dressing... $9.49

Chicken Tenders: Three hand breaded chicken tenders, fried golden and served with seasoned fries or kettle chips, and your choice of dipping sauce (BBQ, Frank’s Hot Sauce, Honey Mustard or Sweet Buffalo)... $8.99


All served with Salt & Pepper Fries, Sweet Potato Waffles Fries, Kettle Chips or Coleslaw...

Add onion rings... $2.49

**Handmade Burger: 8 ounces of fresh Angus beef cooked to your liking, served on a toasted bun with lettuce, pickles, tomato and onion... $9.99

Add cheese... $.49
Add Bacon... $1.49

Mulligan's Club: Our version, piled high with smoked bacon, roast turkey, and sugar cured ham, lettuce, tomatoes, Swiss and Cheddar cheese and mayo, served on toasted bread (wheat or white)... $11.99

Chicken Salad: Fresh chicken, mixed with celery, craisins, pecans and mayo, served on grilled wheat bread, with lettuce and tomatoes... $9.99

Grilled Chicken: Grilled boneless chicken breast with melted Swiss cheese, served on a toasted bun with lettuce and tomatoes... $9.99

Deli Sandwich: Prepared hot or cold; your choice of roast turkey or sugar cured ham, served on bread with cheese, lettuce and tomatoes (white or wheat bread)... $7.99

Add Bacon... $1.49

Bogie Wraps: Your choice!!...wrapped in a flour tortilla with lettuce and tomatoes... $9.99

  • Buffalo Chicken & Swiss
  • Mulligans Club
  • Chicken Salad
  • Chicken Caesar...

Add Bacon $1.49

Having fun at the Sevierville Golf Club

Salads & Soups

Greens-keeper: Fresh lettuce with smoked turkey and ham, cheddar cheese, Swiss cheese, tomatoes, red onions, cucumbers, crisp flour tortilla strips, served with your choice of dressing... $11.99

Add grilled chicken $3.99

Baby Wedgie: Fresh salad greens, cucumber, tomato, shredded cheese. Your choice of dressing... $4.50

Mulligan’s Signature Chili: Served with shredded cheddar and sour cream...
$5.99/Bowl ... $3.99/Cup

Soup of the Day: (Fall and Winter seasons only…) Chef’s choice…ask your server!! ... $5.99/Bowl ... $3.99/Cup

Dressings: Ranch, Honey Mustard, Caesar, Bleu Cheese, Italian, Sweet Buffalo, Raspberry Vinaigrette

Having Fun At The Sevierville Golf Club


The Ultimate Dog: A grilled, “NATHANS” all beef frank, served on a gourmet bun. Try it with Chili, Cheese, Onions, Sour Kraut, Sweet Relish, or Spicy Mustard... $6.99

BLT: Smoked bacon, lettuce and tomatoes served on toasted bread (white or wheat)... $6.99

Grilled Cheese: Your choice of American, Cheddar or Swiss cheese, served on toasted bread (white or wheat)... $4.99

Add Bacon & Tomato... $4.99

Add cup of our signature
chili for $1.75!!

** All our hamburgers are cooked to the required minimum temperatures. Upon request, we will cook to your specifications. However, consuming raw or undercooked hamburger can increase your chances of a foodborne illness.



Chicken Cordon Blue Sandwich

Fried Chicken, Smoked Ham, Swiss cheese, Lettuce & tomato. served with slaw and choice of side**


Birdie burger

Chargrilled burger, topped with cheddar cheese, crisp bacon, and a fresh fried egg, lettuce & tomato. Served with slaw and choice of side**


Soup and sandwich

Chef’s choice, sandwich with a bowl of hot soup...
Ask your server!! ☺


Chicken Parmesan

FServed with a baby wedgie and a garlic breadstick


Beans, fried taters & onions

Slow cooked soup beans, fried potatoes & onions, cole slaw and cornbread

** salt & pepper fries, sweet potato waffle fries, or kettle chips